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3D Printed Performance Frets – PS360

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These are custom made Guitar Hero fret buttons that will fit PS3 or Xbox 360 model guitars. Please read the description below before purchasing.

These are custom made Guitar Hero fret buttons that will fix Xbox 360 or PS3 model guitars to be used with the standard silicone of a GH guitar or shortened to be used with mechanical frets. These are custom made and different colours can be chosen. I have an array of colours to choose from but if you want a specific colour then please choose the ‘other’ colour option, this includes a £10 spool charge for needing to buy another spool of filament for your colour choice, then please contact me with your order number and we can discuss the colour further.

These are known as performance frets since they are much lighter than the more stylized resin frets by 3 grams. It might not sound like a lot but it is! These frets are also 1 gram lighter than stock frets.

Mechanical frets are pre-shortened to fit a mechanical switch implementation in the neck of your guitar. If you dont have a modded guitar and your guitar is stock then you will need to purchase the silicone frets. Mechanical frets are FRETS ONLY.

2 week processing time

Weight 0.6 g
Dimensions 23 × 10 × 3 cm

Blue, Aurora, Black, Crystal, Electric Purple, Galaxy Black, Green, Grey, Indigo Starlight, Light Blue, Neptune Blue, Old Gold, Orange, Pastel Green, Pink, Red, Ruby Red, Silver, Space Emerald, White, Yellow


Mechanical, Silicone

1 review for 3D Printed Performance Frets – PS360

  1. queenonix

    some of the best 3d printed frets I’ve used, and they feel great! 100% worth the wait time you won’t regret it 🙂

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