Frequently Asked Questions

Before you buy, after you buy, you might have some burning questions. Lets see if we can answer your question already.

What are TG frets?

TG frets are exclusive to the Wii model of guitars and are more common in the EU. Not all wii controllers will have TG frets but it is imperative that this is checked before purchasing my frets because the buttons are not interchangeable. You can see a comparison of what a TG fret is compared to a non-TG fret here.

Why don't you make TG frets?

TG frets tend to be more rare. Most of my customer base is in the US where TG guitars are even more rare. Simply put, there is not enough demand for TG frets out there to warrant making a listing for one on my Etsy store.

What guitars have TG frets?

Any wii guitar can have TG frets but I suspect that some models are more likely to have TG frets in them such as Guitar Hero 5 guitars and World Tour's.

Do all guitar models function the same?

Yes, All guitar models function the same. Each guitar uses the same micro controller inside and programmed the same way. This means no matter what model, console or brand a guitar controller is, they will function the same.

What Is the difference between 3D Printed frets and resin frets?

Resin frets are for more stylised guitars and more for looks. 3D printed frets are designed for performance play. 3D printed frets have a more custom design which has a larger curve on the surface allowing for easier/better feeling sliding. Resin frets are heavier than 3D printed frets and stock frets which is why we don't recommend them for performance play.

Do your guitars have 3D Printed strum bars?

Some guitar models can be fitted with a 3D printed strum bar. These models include: PS360 LP, Xplorer and Kramers. These 3D printed strummers work much better with the upgraded strum switches put into the guitar as well as having a better grippy texture due to the printed layer lines on the strum bar.

Do your guitars have a hardwired neck?

Yes, by default I hardwire the necks of the guitars so as to eliminate any sort of fret dropping. It is much more preferable to have a hard wired neck for longevity of the guitar. This does not mean that detachable necks aren't possible because they are, I just do not recommend them.

Can I choose the colour of my cable?

By default I use a particular kind of cable to make up for the tight spaces inside the guitar from using a custom PCB as a carrier board. I am working on having a port on the bottom of the guitar so that you can provide your own cable to use and swap out cables as and when you need or want too.

What is the Polling rate of your guitars?

My guitars have a polling rate of 1000Hz to provide the best and fastest experience available in custom guitars.

Do you have the ability to do LED frets?

I do have the ability to do LED frets, you will need to ask specifically for this as it is not something I am openly advertising at the moment but I can do it on a case by case basis.

Would it be possible to make two ports on the guitar?

Its possible but you would essentially have two guitars inside of one and it would increase the cost of the guitar by double as I would essentially be making you two guitars instead of just one.

If I drop the guitar will it cause damage to the port or the boards inside?

Most likely yes. Don't drop your guitar.

Is it possible to have custom strap pegs?

I have tried to make custom coloured strap pegs cast out of epoxy resin but due to the hollow nature of the pegs they came to be very brittle and weren't very functional for taking the weight of a guitar. So at the moment, no.

How much does shipping usually cost?

I am based in the UK so the following prices apply to shipping to different places, these prices do change and can fluctuate up and down so these prices are just an estimated guide: USA ~ £45, UK ~ £10, AUS ~ £60, EU ~ £50

Do you spray paint faceplates?

I like to avoid spray painting faceplates as I dont live in a space which allows me to do it a lot. But upon request and for extra cost a faceplate can be spray painted a particular colour.

Do your guitars come with tilt?

Because of the extent of calibration that is required for the implementation of tilt, I do not add tilt to these guitars. Where it is necessary I add an arcade button to make star power much easier to hit on guitars where it is really hard to do so like Kramer and Xplorer models. Other models I would recommend some sort of pedal for star power activation.

I have an order on your waitlist, can you refund me?

Because I am simply a one man band and I do this as a hobby and not as a business, this makes refunds difficult for me to do as the deposits I take go towards purchasing a guitar to modify for you as well as towards other parts to construct your guitar. If you want a refund then you will still need to wait the allotted time on the wait list so that I can modify and sell on your guitar to someone else. Then I can process your refund for you. Please be certain before joining my wait list for this exact reason

I have an issue with a guitar you have sent me, what can I do? Where can I contact you?

Oh No! I am sorry you have an issue with one of my guitars! Please visit the contact page where you can find several places to message me and get some support!