3D Printing Service

Found a cool model online but dont have a printer? We can help you out!

Check out some of our Prints below!

Not only do we print fret buttons and strumbars for guitar hero controllers, we also print a plethora of other items from bigger FDM prints all the way to detailed SLA resin prints.

FDM Printing

FDM printing is a method of printing which uses molten plastic laid out line by line to build up to a fully functional 3D model. This can be anything from the can holder mug (shown in the picture on the right) to cool face masks, busts and helmets. FDM is also a great printing method for functional prints like my fret buttons, strummers, replacement gears or modification pieces for projects you have been wanting to do. We have printed items that range from props to aquatic pond and fish tank modifications. If you want to discuss getting something printed then you can visit the contact page! 


SLA (Resin) Printing

SLA Resin printing is a way of printing that uses UV Cured liquid resin in a vat which is exposed to a UV light layer by layer of the 3D model that is to be printed. The benefit of this method of printing is that the layer height on these kinds of prints is as small as 0.05mm height. This means that you can produce highly detailed models straight out of the printer with a quick clean up and post-printing cure in a UV chamber these models can be primed and painted for a super realistic and highly detailed replication of a prop from a show like the Beskar Ingot from the Mandalorian or the Jar from Elden Ring (pictured right).

This type of printing benefits many people from Tabletop Wargamers for prop pieces and custom made miniatures all the way to Cosplayers who want highly detailed replica items printed so they can complete their look! We are currently in the process of building up a library of awesome models from Hex3D which we will be selling prints of on our Etsy store! The first two of which are currently available. See the next section below for more information on what models are available for purchase!

If you want something printed then visit the contact page and get in contact with us and we can discuss your printing needs!

Printed Items for Sale

Deluxe Lightsaber Hilt

This fantastic model from Hex3D bring an amazing twist on a lightsaber hilt that gives it a very ornamental but sci-fi look to it. With a beautifully decorated handle surrounded by robust mechanical feeling components which helps it to retain that lightsaber feel. These fit a 1" lightsaber blade and the ability to place electronics inside the hilt.

Beskar Ingot

Straight from The Mandalorian TV Series comes the infamous Beskar Ingot that Din Djarin eventually uses to forge his iconic armor. This highly detailed model comes painted and un-painted which allows you to paint it any which way you might want too. This is a great prop for any fan of the show to put on display. This is also a great item for cosplayers to complete their costume!