Custom Guitar hero & Clone Hero Controllers

The fastest, best and most reliable custom guitar hero and clone hero controllers around!

We make some of the fastest custom guitar controllers around!

We specialise in the Les Paul PS3 model of guitar, which we believe offers the best feel and aesthetics of all the guitars available. We also produce custom Kramer model guitars and World Tour guitars. Keep your eyes peeled for stock!


The process begins with sourcing a base guitar for you that will be delivered to me to be modified.


I will then modify the guitar in whichever way we discussed or the standard modifications I do which can be seen here.


Once the guitar has been fully finished, there will then be an extensive testing period where I will ensure the guitar is working perfectly.




Fret sets


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We also make some of the best custom guitar hero fret buttons

3D Printed Performance Frets

Can achieve a high degree of personalisation

Lighter frets make for a better feeling guitar

pre-shortened to fit your mechanical implementation

The guitar internals and technical bits

Mechanical Frets

We replace the entire fret PCB with a custom made purpose built PCB to house low profile mechanical keyboard switches for the best fret experience possible.

Upgraded Strummer

We have an entire PCB replacement for the strum section which includes modded upgraded strum switches and holds the micro controller, RPI Pico.

USB Low Latency

All guitars are low latency wired USB guitars via the micro controller which gives you the fastest guitar to help hit all the sections you want too.

Our Reviews

"I'm extremely happy with the quality of the buttons. They're smoother than the stock GH controller buttons which makes playing silky sweet. Would recommend these buttons and the vendor!!"
Etsy Buyer
"They look amazing and feel great! Saves the headache of cutting your frets if you decide to add mechanical switches to your guitar."
Etsy Buyer

Check out our Products!

Have a look at some of our amazing fret buttons or occasionally we will have fully modified guitars available and other cool prints or gadgets!

Buy me a coffee and help SausageMods improve further!

SausageMods is a small business and it is only myself who does the modding and printing, modelling and other such work. It helps me out if you are kind enough to buy me a coffee using the panel to the right, this can help me get through my day, put some extra time into making new PCB’s for different guitars, improving my designs as well as taking things to the next level such as modelling more parts for the guitars to not only provide you with more customisation but also even provide you with brand new spare parts in-case your guitar breaks and only needs a little part replacing!

With this extra time I can continue to provide high quality guitars, buttons and other parts of these controllers that are old and worn out. I will have more time to breath new life into the controllers from your donations!