Guitar Specifications

Find out the tech specs of what goes in to the guitar controllers

Check out exactly what goes into our guitar controllers!

From mechanical frets, to upgraded strum switches, custom cable grommit and super customisable resin frets.

Raspberry Pi Pico Microcontroller

The brains of the controller, the raspberry pi pico microcontroller which is powered by the mighty RP2040 is where everything is handled. The mechanical frets are wired to the microcontroller as well as the upgraded strum switches, whammy bar and the start and select buttons. All of these functions and button presses are handled by this tiny microcontroller. It has a polling rate of 1000hz and a response time of 1ms! This enables our guitars to be super speedy and incredibly responsive in order to provide you with the most efficient guitar controller on the market. The microcontroller is soldered to a custom made carrier board which also houses the upgraded strum switches.

Mechanical Fret Switches

We upgrade our guitars by default with mechanical switches in the neck of the guitar in order to provide the smoothest and most responsive fret buttons in custom guitars around! Each guitar has a custom made PCB to house the switches and keep them stable. We then use Kailh low profile linear red switches which have no click sound to them. Each switch is also modded with a small ball bearing in the stem of the switch to reduce the travel distance for an actuation in the switch. This will provide you with the best and smoothest feeling frets on the market!

Upgraded Strum Switches

Strum switches have been the bane of any guitar controller except very few models. They usually used cheap switches that often end up over-strumming and causing all sorts of flickering and issues. This is why we replace the strum switches with Kailh box pinks that have been modded with a stronger spring to provide a nice feeling strummer that is built to last. Included here is where a custom made PCB is put in to house the new style of switches as well as housing the brains of the guitar to give a neat and quick upgrade for the inside of the guitar. 

3D Printed Cable Grommet

To keep our guitars looking neat and tidy we include a cable grommet where the USB cable runs outside of the guitar. This helps to hold the cable tightly in place, it will reduce the odds of pulling the cable out of the guitar and gives another option of customisation of colour for your guitar. These can be printed in any colour plastic that I have in stock and if you want a different colour then it can be ordered and printed in such a colour. 

3D Printed Strum Bars

To give another choice of customisation and an air of style to your guitar, we can 3D print a different coloured strum bar with a great 3D printed texture to it that a lot of people love. It has layer lines across it which provide slightly more grip than a glossy smooth stock strummer. Not only does it provide this but it also works much better with the upgraded strum switch implementation as the strummer is sat at the perfect height on the switches to feel nice and smooth when strumming away to your favourite songs! These are only available for PS360 LPs, Xplorers and Kramer model guitars.

3D Printed Fret Buttons

Even more choice is available in the form of 3D printed ‘performance’ fret buttons! These buttons are named as such because they are 3 grams lighter than resin cast fret buttons and 1 gram lighter than stock fret buttons. They are also much better for sliding on because of the 3D printed layer lines. The downsides to 3D printed buttons is that they do not have the same breadth of customisation and style that the resin frets do. There are some cool filaments that I have and print the buttons in though so keep an eye out for the more attractive filaments!

Santroller Sausage Mods Guitar Configurator

A brand new firmware made by the fantastic Sanjay900! This firmware brings the latest and sleekest firmware to your guitar controllers. This will take your guitar to the next level so definitely upgrade to the the new firmware NOW! (Pico only).

This tool will allow a seamless transition between PC, Switch & Playstation as well as introducing compatibility with Xbox via authentication with a genuine controller. Sanjay has some guides detailing this, here I will cover the basic usage of the firmware to customise and calibrate your controller.

More information and a guide can be found here!

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